Medicine Park came to life in 1908 as a private resort established by Elmer Thomas, who later gained recognition as a US Senator. Among those who belonged to the original community were prominent doctors, lawyers and politicians and their families. The well regarded Oklahoma Editor’s Club also chose this idealic setting. Others came for the healing waters of Medicine Creek and stayed at Dr. Baird’s Sanitarium. As confirmed by several old photos we have collected the military, located at the nearby Fort Sill, found respite in the Park. Anchored by the Wichita Mountains National Refuge with Medicine Creek running through the center insures that the town will survive whatever changes the years might bring.


A walk through town and you become aware of the original cobblestone structures, dating from c1910 to c1925, still surviving and others with there stones barely hanging on are being faithfully restored. Much of the charm resides in the little cottages some of which are only four hundred square feet. The customers are drawn to the brightly painted shops in Town Center offering as uncommon selection as their quirky facades suggest. The cottage shops offer an array of gifts, art, and delectables many of them Oklahoma made. (Be sure to stop by!) Larger historic structures remain as well. The former dance hall, old skating rink has gone through several reincarnations and is now a Hall for Music and a myriad of events. The Outside Inn became the Grand Hotel became the Old Plantation (on the US historic registry) now restored drawing visitors from around the globe. Restoration is ongoing in Medicine Park where you can now meander along the creek thanks to the Charley Wright Trails.

These pages are dedicated to the quaint beauty of Medicine Park and life that flourishes there.

Enjoy your stay. Thanks for visiting with us.

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